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CE Marking of building materials

CertiMaC is Notified Body No. 2685 CPR (EU) 305/2011
CE Marking of building materials

The CE mark certifies that a construction product can legally be placed on the market of EEA Member States and indicates that the product is in line with the data provided in its Declaration of Performance (DoP) is released by the Producer.
The CE mark must be clearly visible and indelible on the product.

The production, marketing and distribution of all building materials is subject to mandatory and evolving legislation. 
Currently, the main legal instrument governing the European construction industry is the Construction Products Regulation [CPR (EU) 305/2011] which has replaced, from 1 July 2013, the Construction Products Directive [CPD 89 / 106 / EEC]. 
The Construction Products Regulation (CPR), based on the principles of the Construction Products Directive (CPD), introduces novelties, clarifications, simplifications and obligations for the various economic operators (manufacturers, agents, distributors, importers) operating in the European Construction. 
Only if it meets the requirements of the CPR Rules and the corresponding Harmonized Technical Standards, materials may be CE Marked and marketed in European Economic Area countries (even if produced outside the EU).

The objective of the regulation is to guarantee the quality and safety of construction, with particular attention to the protection of workers, consumers and the environment, through the compliance of construction products with the minimum requirements set for all countries in the European Economic area.
CE Marking of building materials DECLARATION OF PERFORMANCE (DoP)

The CPR stipulates that the DoP - Declaration of Performance is the key document to provide designers and manufacturers with the information necessary to determine whether a given product meets the minimum pre-set requirements "when properly installed, maintained, and used for the purpose expected". 

These minimum requirements for building materials as indicated in the CPR are:

1.       Mechanical resistance and stabililty
2.       Safety in the case of fire
3.       Hygiene, health and the environment
4.       Safety and accessibility in use
5.       Protection against noise
6.       Energy economy and heat retention
7.       Sustainable use of natural resources

The information that the manufacturer must provide in the CE marking is given in the specific EC harmonized technical standards.

How do I know if my product is subject to CE marking?  Read here >> (Italian text only)
CE Marking of building materials CERTIMAC'S ROLE

As Notified Body no. 2685 CPR (EU) 305/2011 for the issue of Certification and Classification Certificates, CertiMaC carries out all the tasks assigned to it by the third party assigned to it in the evaluation and verification of the constancy of the benefit and for which it has been notified by the Ministries responsible: measure , examines, verifies, calibrates or otherwise determines the characteristics or performance of materials or construction products in terms of quality and efficiency.

// Consult the European Commission page with the updated list of the Technical Specifications we can operate as Notified Body CLICK HERE

CertiMaC, in addition to supporting companies for analysis and laboratory testing required for Performance Evaluation and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) and for the issuance of performance constancy certificates, also offers a technical, regulatory, product and process support service.

Continuing innovations in structural safety and energy efficiency require technical expertise and continuous updating. 

Our EC-CPR Marking Specialists side-ups the manufacturers in the complex field of EC Building Materials Testing and Marking, helping them to streamline the process of compliance with national and international standards and building codes, providing testing and certification time and cost effective.

Below is a list of some of the most prominent products tested as Notified Body:
• Insulating materials for building
• Ceramic tiles
• Tile adhesives
• Waterproofing sheaths for underlay
• Natural Stones
• Plaster boards

See the full list of Harmonized Technical Specifications for CertiMaC is Notified Body by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development:
// October 2016 Directorial Decree: mandate conferment on 24 harmonized technical specifications 
// December 2018 Directorial Decree: mandate conferment on further 6 harmonized technical specifications
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Here are some other materials for which CertiMaC conducts initial analysis and initial testing and factory production control for CE marking under CPR (EU) 305/2011
• Grain tiles
• Raised access floors
• Masonry flooring
• Coverings for roofing
• Floor slabs
• Floor coverings
• Roof tiles, bricks and bricks
• Mortars for exterior and interior plasters
• Masonry mortars
• Materials for screeds
• Organic based binders
• Concrete mixers for flooring
• Concrete floor tiles
• Fiber cement flat slabs
• Building calves
• Concrete roof tiles
• Concrete
• Vibration-proof concrete elements
• Protective and repair systems
• Concrete Surface Protection Products and Systems
• Structural and non-structural repairs
• Anti-corrosion protection
• Anchoring steel reinforcements
• Plasterboard products
• Secondary processing of plasterboards
• Prefabricated panels in honeycomb plasterboard
CE Marking of building materials

>> Accreditation Iter (Italian text only)

>> Notified Body (Italian text only)