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AC (Attestation of Conformity) SERVICE

Clay roofing tiles Quality has a name.
AC (Attestation of Conformity) SERVICE
Starting from 1998, CertiMaC has offered a Quality Assessment Service specifically addressed to Clay Roofing Tiles, issuing an Attestation of Conformity (AC Service).
AC Service was endorsed by the Roofing Section of ANDIL – Assolaterizi and it represents the annual appointment with quality, chosen by several of the most important Italian clay roofing tiles producers: every year CertiMac qualifies more than the 50% of national clay roofing tiles production.

The appointment with clay roofing tiles Quality for more than fifteen years,

With the utmost independence, impartiality and technical expertise, CertiMaC certifies the most significant clay roofing tiles properties: only eligible products can receive the Conformity Certificate, with annual validity.
Hence, roof tiles awarded with the Conformity Certificate, possess aesthetical, physical, mechanical and durability third-party-certified characteristics, determined by means of accurate sampling, analyses, tests and verifications conducted both in factory and in laboratory.
A guarantee for customers. A strong element of differentiation for producers.
AC (Attestation of Conformity) SERVICE
Characteristics of CC Service at a glance:
  • Recurring yearly 
  • Conducted by a third independent party
  • Factory visit for sampling
  • Control, qualification and verification on the finished product
  • 5 testing types: 
    • marking and labelling
    • geothermal characteristics
    • flexural resistance
    • water permeability
    • freeze/thaw resistance
  • Issuing of the conformity certificate for the requirements provided for in the technical regulations
  • 50% of national production is qualified every year
AC (Attestation of Conformity) SERVICE

CE Marking of Clay RoofingTiles (UNI EN 1304), does not have the purpose of highlighting all the characteristics of products, but only some “essential” requirements aimed at guaranteeing users safety and comfort. For this reason is far from being a quality mark, it simply denotes that products are suitable for the envisaged use.
In reverse, AC Service is a far more complete product qualification activity. It comprises a set of tests which is wider than the bare minimum requested to obtain the CE Marking. The Service does not only provide a higher number of tests (see Table below), but it has to be renewed yearly.

CE Marking and AC Service compared:

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The service, based on quality management systems and on applicable technical regulations, has been stimulating the improvement of clay roof tiling's quality for its 15 years of activity, providing the market with products in line with the expectations and providing enterprises with useful advice regarding product and process innovation. The persistence and commitment demonstrated by manufacturers towards Quality have made Italian roof clay tiling a synonym of excellence at an international level.

The following companies have been awarded the Conformity Certificate during 2013:
  • Cottosenese S.p.A.
  • Fornace Mosso Paolo S.r.l.
  • F.B.M. - Fornaci Briziarelli Marsciano S.p.A.
  • Gruppo Industriale Tegolaia S.r.l.
  • Società Industria Laterizi Coriglianese (S.I.L.C.) S.p.A
  • Terreal Italia S.r.l
  • Tognana Industrie e Fornaci S.p.A.
  • VE-VA S.p.A.