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'Smart Port Strategy' for the Port of Ravenna

Join us at the SMART BLUE CITY Conference in Athens on 10th October. 
CertiMaC will attend the 4th Euro-Mediterranean Conference dedicated to the smart development of Mediterranean cities and communities, with its significant good practice on the "Smart Management Strategy" for the development of ports in an economical, social and environmental sustainable way.
Smart Port Strategy in Ravenna: the speech

The speech of the 10th October, will focus on "Integrated partnership at local level as a tool to implement the Smart Management Strategy of the Port of Ravenna".
The process of development and implementation of the Smart Port Strategy - involves CertiMaC, Fondazione Flaminia - CIFLA, the Municipality of Ravenna, Greentech Clust-ER of the Emilia-Romagna Region and SAPIR.

The project has been selected as an example of international best practice by the Technical Scientific Committee organizing the conference, which expressed its appreciation for some key actions considered of particular attractiveness:
  • Smart port management strategy
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • PPPP - Public Private People Partnership
  • LIP - Local Integrated Partnership
  • Regional Ecosystem of Innovation
  • The peculiarity of the Port of Ravenna
Besides being the only industrial port in Emilia-Romagna, one of the richest and most industrialised Regions in Southern Europe, the Port of Ravenna is characterised by the following peculiarity: the state-owned areas managed by the Public Administration are limited to the 50m wide port quays, while the remaining areas are owned by private companies. 

This specificity strongly influences the port development. To implement the Ravenna Smart Port Strategy (SPS) it is necessary to have a multi-stakeholder involvement process aimed at establishing a public-private partnership (PPPP). 

Focused on landside port development, the Municipality of Ravenna has established a Locally Integrated Partnership (LIP), where companies collaborate closely with local authorities supported by different knowledge intermediaries. 

Towards the UN sustainable development goals

Thanks to the LIP of Ravenna, a lot of public funds have been obtained for the modernization of the port infrastructure. Internal investments have been triggered and a process of sharing innovations in goods and people logistics among private partners is underway. 

In conclusion, the implementation of the SPS is still ongoing and the LIP can be an effective tool to accelerate it, thanks to the involvement of all actors in the port ecosystem. It will lead the port infrastructure to face the main challenges of the next decade: digitization, climate and energy, city-port dialogue, resilience of infrastructures that meet the UN 2030 sustainable development goals.
CertiMaC's expertise in energy and sustainability

Over the years, CertiMaC has developed several skills on the smart and sustainable development of ports, working on the mapping of needs and the implementation of integrated efficiency and management plans for energy management and renewables.

In particular:
>> Visit the Smart BlueCity Conference website
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