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Smart Cities: data, people and materials

A webinar about technological innovation in the cities of the future (and of the present). CertiMaC among the international speakers.
Smart Cities: data, people and materials
We are proud to participate as speakers in the webinar "Latest technological advances for Smart Cities" promoted and organized by Secpho - European Cluster of technological innovation that brings together companies, technology centers and research groups, deep tech experts. The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14 from 12.00 to 14.00.

The aim of the online webinar is to discuss the latest advances in technological innovation for the benefit of urban quality of life. Technology that should not be considered as the goal, but as the engine that makes possible innovative urban solutions for economic, social and environmental sustainability.
We will talk about sensors, actuators and intelligent applications that can analyze raw data and translate them into alarms and actions.
These complex systems can collect large amounts of data and make in-depth analyses possible: from those about environmental values, mobility, energy consumption (both public and private), to the state of buildings and infrastructure.
Big data and open data are the starting point to create a collective intelligence that allows to identify opportunities and critical issues; but first of all, it is necessary to transform the data into shared and intelligible information. Fundamental and strategic asset for the creation of Smart Cities and Smart Communities are the skills.
Innovative materials for sustainable, efficient and integrated buildings 

Luca Laghi, Technical Director of CertiMaC will talk about the challenges of the MImeSIS research project "Smart Sensorized and Sustainable Materials for Historical Buildings” - funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region in the framework of the ROP-ERDF 2014-2020.
The aim of MImeSIS is to improve the performance of the existing building heritage by developing new generation of envelope solutions: connected. efficient. sustainable.
The Italian building heritage is among the oldest in Europe and consists mainly of masonry buildings employing traditional materials. Efficiency, Performance and Durability of the materials and of the entire building heritage depend on the ability to carry out interventions aimed at slowing down the degradation and natural ageing inherent in each material.
For this reason, the solutions that MImeSIS partners are developing include the integration of materials and sensors able to monitor specific predictive parameters of degradation in masonry (temperature, moisture content, pH and detachment).
The sensorized systems developed during the 2 years project will be compatible and perfectly integrable in historical buildings and with a low environmental impact and high energy performance, allowing a reduction of the impact on the domestic and urban environment and on the planet.
In the coming years, intelligent materials and structures, i.e. equipped with self-diagnosis sensors such as those developed by the project, will be part of our everyday life. Intelligent structures will be constantly connected through the Internet, in order to allow the control of their "state of health" by owners and users. 
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"Latest technological advances for Smart Cities" will be held on July 14

The webinar is free and will be held in English. It is aimed in particular at:
- urban development experts, local authorities and city planners
- companies, R&D centres and research teams dedicated to advanced technology in the fields of building and construction, renewable energy, Internet of Things (IoT) and smart ecosystems.