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Towards a smarter Construction Industry

What is going to change after the Covid-19 emergency?
Towards a smarter Construction Industry
The lockdown has imposed a new way of thinking about work and sociability. Even the construction industry needs to face the change, finding new solutions for the challenges of this difficult time, ensuring continuity in its activities.

Connection, people's well-being and sustainability.
These are the 3 keywords for the post-Covid-19 Construction Industry.
Reduce the presence on site, increase digital operations

In these lockdown weeks we feel immobile, but in reality we are entering the future. What did not happened in ten years, happened in ten days: construction companies had to adapt their data exchange and communication systems.
Before Covid-19, construction sites were places full of workers; now, the impossibility of meeting in person, has opened up new ways of growth and digitalization.

For many operators in the building sector, it was almost impossible to think of a video-conference meeting before the current emergency. This digital acceleration is an opportunity that must be preserved and amplified also during post-Covid.
BIM, Cloud. Data. A new building management 
Post-Covid operations will not only consist of activities carried out remotely and process planning to reduce the number of people on site.
It is necessary to explore new opportunities to extract information and data from buildings in a single environment shared among professionals, in order to report critical issues promptly.
IoT, Cloud and Sensors will be not only the pillars of the Building Industry of the future, but most importantly of the present.
Moreover, BIM projects will increase thanks to the possibility of combining and connecting  all the relevant data of a building digitally. In fact, through the use of BIM software it is possible to analyze every aspect of real estate development, from design to construction, simulating every detail and allowing promptly prevention and resolution of any problem.

Smart processes. Smart materials. 

Among the consequences of Covid-19 there will be the enhancement of all technologies capable of remotely monitoring construction phases of buildings, but also their maintenance.
MImeSIS project aims at improving the performance of the existing building stock by developing smart solutions: Connected, Efficient, Sustainable.

Project partners, including CNR and the University of Bologna, are working on the development of sensor solutions capable of monitoring and identifying preventive interventions to guarantee optimal operating conditions and avoid degradation and wear.

Sensor solutions will allow to intervene promptly where necessary, limiting the intervention of professionals to real occasions of need.

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