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Quality origins from research

Innovation and Technological Development Services
Quality origins from research
Challenges arising from international competition, environmental problems, energy consumption and cyclical economic crises can be overcome thanks to technological innovation.
Today more than ever before, the building sector needs to develop innovative products and processes. 

Innovation has a primary role in tracing a new development trajectory: it is the driving force able to guide enterprises to new goals, renewing them and projecting them toward the creation of new competitive advantages able to generate business growth
Quality origins from research
CertiMaC's ability and competence in transferring expertise and know-how is what makes it unique.
Know-how developed by its two main shareholders – ENEA and CNR – is transferred into services, activities and solutions for the competitive development of enterprises, with a special attention to applied research projects focused on the evolution and requirements of industry.

50% of HR
 are dedicated to R&D projects, in cooperation with companies, in the fields of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability of materials and buildings.
# Which innovations can boost the competitiveness of your company?

# How can scientific research increase the performance of your products?


An Innovation Specialist will be at your service for a free assessment.

MaC is part of the High-Technology Network of the Emilia-Romagna region and has been awarded the Institutional Accreditation (IA) of the regional Industrial Research and Technology Transfer bodies.
By means of this qualification tool, Emilia-Romagna region certifies that organisational and managerial procedures of accredited research institutions are suitable to the creation of a systematic relation with enterprises and, more in general, with the final users of research results 

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