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Research, Consulting, Projects & Funding

The world of Research at the service of Industry.
Research, Consulting, Projects & Funding
CertiMaC, in its role of interface, makes available to enterprises a network of technical-scientific skills, expertise and equipment, available both in its dedicated laboratories and via its main shareholders, CNR and ENEA. Activities include:
Research, Consulting, Projects & Funding
  • Research & Development
  • Innovation and Technology Transfer
  • Systems and technologies development
  • Development of innovative materials
  • Development and realisation of prototypes
  • Product and process optimisation
  • Technical-scientific and regulatory consultancy
  • Conferences, seminars, fairs, workshops
  • Training
  • Guided access to public funding
  • Europlanning
Research, Consulting, Projects & Funding

The Projects & Funding Unit is active in the development and submission of Regional, National and European Projects. At international level, we offer our expertise on testing, development and certification of innovative construction materials in order to submit joint project ideas on energy efficiency of buildings and supporting actions.
Our researchers and European project experts actively work to cooperate with partners on:
  • feasibility analysis of the idea within the identified call of proposal,
  • strategic development of contents within the application form,
  • internal evaluation of the proposal consistency with Horizon 2020 approval criteria,
  • technical support in proposal development and writing,
  • certification body and certification procedures,
  • networks for dissemination and dissemination events to reach relevant stakeholders,
  • delivery of advanced training to relevant end users,
  • SMEs to be involved. 
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Cooperation fields within H2020:
Energy Efficient Building, Advanced Construction Materials, Materials Innovation, Secure, clean and efficient energy, Resource efficiency and raw materials.

Collaboration with Industry is extremely flexible, based on specific needs and dimension of involved enterprises.
Each collaboration activity foresees an Innovation Specialist responsible for project implementation with due regard to timing and budgeting. 
Types of collaboration include: 
  • Research contract
  • Consultancy contract
  • Fee-for-service-based